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ICYMI: Sevian vs. Niemann (What Really Happened) | Round 12

The team recaps and dubs their own dialogue over the Sam Sevian-Hans Niemann incident from the previous day of the 2022 U.S. Chess Championship. Sevian suddenly snatched Niemann's king off the board and became concerned about its loose crown. After the discussion at the board with arbiter Franc Guadalupe, Hans won, and the dispute was resolved in the parking lot. This aired during Round 13.


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Krush Pulling Through With Critical Victory Over Jennifer Yu | Round 12

Fourteen of the country’s strongest chess players battle for the national title and $60,000 in a classical round robin event, live from 308 N Euclid Ave. Plus, the U.S. Women's title is decided in an identical format with a $40,000 first prize. Fields listed below. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila, & WGM Anastasiya Karlovych for the move-by-move.


2022 U.S. Chess Championship: Caruana, Aronian, W. So, Dominguez, Shankland, Xiong, Sevian, Niemann, Robson, Swiercz, Lenderman, C. Yoo, Moradiabadi, Liang

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