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2021 Saint Louis Corporate Chess League: Virtual Spring #4

The Corporate Chess League continues its Spring league! Join Mike Kummer for the move-by-move. Once again, Kummer will attempt to give commentary while playing on one of the teams! Disaster awaits. At the end, Kummer will select the most outstanding game of the tournament. The winner of the most outstanding game will receive a special gift!


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Ruy Lopez, Anti-Marshall Attacks | Chess Openings Explained

Nick Risko teaches how to avoid the Marshall Attack in this Chess Openings Explained lecture.

C89 Ruy Lopez, Marshall, main line, 14...Qh3
C88 Ruy Lopez, closed, 7...O-O
C92 Ruy Lopez, closed, 9.h3
C88 Ruy Lopez, closed, 7...O-O
C88 Ruy Lopez, closed, anti-Marshall 8.a4

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