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Blunders #1 with Catherine & Ryan

Jonathan Schrantz and Mike Kummer determine the order of pairings for the seasonal GM and IM Norm tournaments (2/16 - 2/21). Two Club members face each other on André Breton and Nicolas Calas's "Wine Glass Set and Board," on display at the World Chess Hall of Fame.

Ten random glasses (the pieces) have a seed number attached to them. When one is captured, that number is assigned to two players.

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Beat Fischer, Karjakin, & Kummer | Games to Know by Heart - IM Eric Rosen

Dennis LaRue looks at smothered mates, which are picturesque checkmates where a knight delivers the mate and the king is surrounded by his own pieces. See puzzles and games that include the pattern.

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Save Hopeless Positions | Endgame Exclam!! - Eric Rosen

Catherine Leberg and Ryan Chester show their horrible mistakes in games they've played online. Have you done worse? This video is meant for children and beginners of all ages. Not for advanced players!


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Morphy's Night at the Opera | Tactics Time!

Jonathan Schrantz analyzes the Botvinnik variation if the Semi-Slav Defense, with the most popular continuation, 16. Na4. See games from Alexei Shirov and Magnus Carlsen.

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Maximillian Lu: The Best 11 Year Old | Chess in the 21st Century - GM Ben Finegold

Grandmaster Denes Boros shows two brilliancies from Gata Kamsky and Bobby Fischer. Plus, see puzzles based on games from the online PRO Chess League.

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Young Kasparov vs. the Hungarians | Mastering the Middlegame - GM Ben Finegold

Grandmaster Denes Boros reviews games from the Club's local monthlong tournament, the Wednesday Knights. The imperfections of the sub-2000 rated players offer valuable lessons.

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GM Blog: What makes a good player?

In three points; dedication, love of chess, and consistency!

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GM Blog : Developing a learning vs. winning mindset

Let’s face it. Everyone likes to win. Winning is fun. It fills you with joy and pride, and gives you bragging rights. Unfortunately, too many chess players, coaches, and parents put way too much emphasis on winning.

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Championing Chess Through Curriculum: How Best Practices from Schools Can Improve Chess Education

Happy New Year, chess fans!  Welcome back from the holiday break.  This first research blog in 2017 discusses the K-12 reform movement known as “standards-based education” and how it is being adopted within the chess-in-schools movement.

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GM Blog: A Child’s Game

The two highest ranked players in the World under age 21 recently played a match. Hungary’s Richard Rapport and the Chinese player Wei Yi played from 20th to 23rd December in Yancheng, China.

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