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Dog Day Duels Tournament Results

Place K-12 Open U800
1 Parkway Southwest Argo
2 Hixon Middle School Oakbrook Elementary
3 Parkway Northeast
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Scholastic Tournament Blog: Dog Day Duels

Dog Day Duels. The name says it all. Even after spending a summer full of sun, fun and naps, the competitive spirit of chess players remains high. During the scorching heat at summer’s end and back-to-school excitement, 111 dedicated chess players clashed on August 27th on the SLU campus to determine the top dog and earn a strong start to the school year.

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Larsen's Opening: 1.b3 | Chess Openings Explained

Woman Grandmaster Sabina Foisor analyzes viewer submissions, with a focus on the Grünfeld Defence and 1.d4 e5.

blakeus vs. ShikoBella, 2017: D85 Gruenfeld, exchange variation
Meine Velze vs. multa-tuli, 2017: A40 Queen's pawn, Charlick (Englund) gambit
Nicholas Pinto vs. NN, 2017: A04 Reti opening

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2017 Sinquefield Cup: Nick Ragone on Your Move Chess

Ben Simon covers the best of the seventh round of this international tournament. Twenty players from 11 nations compete in two round robins with a combined $36,000 prize fund. Hear from GMs Wenjun Ju and Alex Shabalov.

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